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The Energy Pivot Podcast

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The Energy Pivot is a new podcast series featuring leaders across the climate sector discussing the greatest opportunities and challenges.

The scale of the transition from fossil fuels to green electrons required to meet our global net-zero targets is unprecedented and under appreciated.

Solar From Space

Using satellite imagery, we can see the transition happening in real time

Darlington Point Solar Farm

333 MWp, August 2020

At 333 MWp, this is one of Australia's largest solar farms. Developed by Edify Energy, it has been connected to the National Energy Market since August 2020.

Western Downs Solar Farm

430 MWp, March 2022

SA Water Happy Valley Solar Farm

12 MWp, December 2020

The 12 MWp farm was cited as being the world's largest redeployable solar farm at the time of commissioning.